LED Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Security Light

LED Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Security Light

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The perfect light that adds luminosity and security to your home! With the easy convient wireless design, it can be installed anywhere in your home! From the garden, patio, drive way, or even backyard! Solar powered and motion activated The Led Solar Senor Wall Light is a perfect addition to any home!



  • Super Bright (12 Bright LEDs)
  • Detects motion within 10 feet - 120 degree angle
  • No wiring necessary; user-friendly
  • Durable, weather-resistant & heatproof plastic construction
  • Easy Installation: just mount it on the wall with the included screw
  • Solar powered, with rechargeable Li-ion battery inserted
  • Automated switch - Auto on at night / auto off at sunrise; Dim light when no motion / Bright light activates when sensing motion

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